How quickly can you tap on any button on your keyboard? What is your average score for pressing the spacebar key for a certain duration of time? Do you like work that involves a lot of typing? Or Are you fascinated by a typing test challenge on TikTok? Or do you simply have to kill time? In any case, this tool is for you.

What is a spacebar Counter?

The spacebar key is an elongated key on the bottom of your keyboard that is used to put space between two words. Note that you can only use this tool on your computer or Laptop keyboard with buttons. And the Online Spacebar counter tells you how many times can you press that spacebar key in a certain time frame.

Advantages of Spacebar Counter

Advantages of Spacebar Counter

An amazing leisure time activity

Let’s say you have a quick break during office hours. You want to spend your time doing something fun but you’re not looking for a hefty videogame. Or you are a student sitting bored through your lunch break after hours of hectic studying. The best you can do to ease yourselves up in google for the spacebar counter, and there you have it. In other words, it is a great way to keep yourselves entertained whenever you’re bored or have a little time off from your routine.

Improve your typing speed for work

Not only that it’s entertaining you can easily improve your typing speed with it whether you’re working in an office or a student running behind her assignments every time. Because once you know your initial spacebar clicking speed, you can practice harder and improve your general typing speed as well. As you would quickly make your fingers adaptable to fast typing.

Cool tiktok challenges

There also has been an ongoing Tiktok challenge on who can click the spacebar key the most times in a second. You can extend the time to whatever duration you like, like 10 seconds, 20 secs, 50 sec, and so on. Just keep clicking the key until you beat your pals and share your results on social. 

No need for a Huge installation or a complex understanding of videogames

Video games are huge, and complex, and demand a lot of time to be put in. Some of them indirectly make you toxic. However, the Spacebar counter is a simple game or a tool with no such demands. Another good thing is that you do not need to download anything to use this tool to measure your typing toll. You can simply use it here on our website.

Free of cost

It is also free of cost; you do not have to pay to play it. No download or account registration is required. It is error-free and malware-free as well. So it is completely safe and devoid of threats.


Q. What is the spacebar key?

Ans. Most people are familiar with this basic term. For those who are not, it is the longest horizontal key at the middle bottom of the keyboard.

Q. How many times can you press the spacebar key in a second?

Ans. For now, the record for the greatest number of hits per second holds at 14 times. But with consistent practice and training, you can potentially break it.

Q. How to be better at spacebar counter speed?

Ans. The only way to master this simple game or tool is to practice a lot. It’s better to use one finger and keep clicking it constantly close to the base.


This is a fairly simple yet interesting tool getting quite popular as well. You will definitely not regret trying it as you will be hooked on it for hours later. It is not like the other abusive, toxic, complex, and time-consuming video games as well. So, we suggest to our users this amazing tool not only for entertainment but for professional reasons too.